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Prazer Brasil Tourism

I love Brazil! Brazil is an amazing country which has a lot to explore! Look at the pictures and see for yourself. It is my pleasure to show and share this beauty with you! Whether you are staying for a short or  extended period of time, I can organize and guide your trip. I arrange city tours, walking, hiking, rafting, horseback riding, but also tours to beaches, mountains and waterfalls. Twice a year I organize an agricultural tour through Brazil. 

Whether you are in for a lunch or dinner, or something active like rafting or hiking, every trip can be customized to your interests and the time available to you. I organize trips for the duration of just a couple of hours, to a week or even for a couple of weeks. I am here to assist you! 

Quer conhecer o mundo, nos estamos juntos! Vamos para a Europa, a Holanda, ou qualquer outro país, para a Asia ou os Estados Unidos. Eu acompanho vocês, já conheço mais que 50 países do mundo! Para facilitar eu falo Holandês, Inglês e Português. Eu faço pacotes sob medida para grupos. 


Brazil is a huge country! Whether you enjoy history, culture, nature or beautiful beaches, there is something interesting for everyone.  

Please find below some examples of trips I offer. Of course, feel free to contact me for other options.   

Brotas: A famous city because of its river, which is excellent for rafting. Visit some stunning waterfalls, a natural water source and taste some cachaça, one of Brazil's most popular spirits.  

São Thomé das letras: This small city, built with the typical mine stones, has both stunning views and incredible waterfalls. 

Swimming with Dolphins: In the south of São Paulo state there is a beach which is the habitat of many dolphins. While you are swimming in the warm waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, the dolphins will appear. This tour is combined with an excursion to Caverna do Diabo, a cave located within the Jacupiranga state park. 

Beach: Let's go and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Relax at the beach after an eventful day filled with activities, such as hiking amazing trails, visiting an old prison or some of the most fragrant lavender fields. And what about some island hopping? It's also possible to visit an Original "Quilombo" a campsite built by former escaped African slaves in Brazil.

History: Brasil is rich in colonial history. Visit some historical towns, like Tiradentes or Ouro Preto, which is well-known for its colonial architecture and the first Brazilian city to be considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. Both towns are also famous for their incredible churches.  

These are just some examples of things to do. The options are numerous! Please contact me for more details and information. 


Vamos conhecer o mundo? 

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Viagens para a Estados Unidos, Europa, Paris, Roma, Londres e descansar nas ilhas da Grecia. 


Asia, tem curiosidade em conhecer Dubai e quer aproveitar a viagem, vamos também para a China, a Japão ou Birma! 

Landbouw reis 

Twee keer per jaar organiseer ik een reis van drie weken gericht op de landbouw in Brazilië. Tijdens deze reis leert u uiteraard ook meer van Brazilië kennen! 

We beginnen deze reis in São Paulo waar we een deel van de stad zullen verkennen. Daarna rijden we met de bus naar Holambra, het centrum van de bloementeelt in Brazilië. We bezoeken daar de bloemenveiling en gaan lunchen met immigranten. 

Vervolgens gaan we meer naar het zuiden om een bezoek te brengen aan Castrolanda, een andere Nederlandse kolonie met name gericht op zuivel. Tijdens de reis in augustus bezoeken we de jaarlijkse koeienshow. 

De grootste en meest spectaculaire watervallen van Foz de Iguaçu zullen niet ontbreken. Van daaruit reizen we door naar de Pantanal, een prachtig uitgestrekt natuurgebied en de beste plek in Brazilië om wilde dieren te spotten.

Een bezoek aan de grote producenten van teak, hout, soja, mais en vleeskoeien staat hier op het programma.

Hiervandaan pakken we een vlucht naar Rio de Janeiro om ook deze bekende stad met zijn enorme Christusbeeld te bezoeken.

De terugvlucht naar Nederland is vanuit Rio de Janeiro.